Monday, April 9, 2012

Road Trip Interview Series Kickoff with Elana Johnson!

YA Authors on the Road!

In less than a month, IN HONOR will be out in the world.  It’s a story of a letter, a mistaken last request, and the road trip these things lead to.  As a countdown to its release on May 8th, I’m hosting a Road Trip Interview Series featuring all of my favorite author friends!  Stop by daily for dream cars, playlists, and tales from the road!

Here to kick off the series is Elana Johnson, fellow Bookanista, author of POSSESSION and the forthcoming SURRENDER, both kick-ass, dystopian thrillers, and all-round awesome person! 

So Elana...

All road trips begin with a set of wheels. Close your eyes. Imagine your ideal road-trippin’ vehicle.  What do you see?  Why?
A muscle car, like a Dodge Challenger or Charger or a Ford Mustang – convertible. Because all road trips need to happen in the summer with the top down, right? Right.

Next up: travel companions.  The right ones can make or break the whole thing. Who would you hit the road with? You can choose anyone—alive or dead, real or fictional. As many or few as you like.
1.       My husband. He’s the best person to get lost with.
2.       Hugh Jackman. He has a sexy accent. I’d like to hear him tell me to turn left or something.
3.       Oprah. She has a lot of stories, and we’ll need someone to entertain us when the radio gets    boring.
It’s true that road trips are about the journey, but what’s your ideal destination?
Somewhere tropical, with sand and sun and waves.
Is your style more ‘map it out’ or ‘meandering route’?
Meandering route, wherever we want to go, guided by the Food Network’s list of amazing restaurants. Yeah, that sounds about right.
What 5 songs are absolutely necessary on your perfect road trip playlist?
Maybe not songs, but bands? (Are they even called bands? Groups?)
1.       Maroon 5
2.       The Script
3.       Joss Stone
4.       Paul Simon
5.       Linkin Park
6.       Michael Jackson

If we have those albums, we’re good.
We all know that food consumed while on the road never counts against you.  That being said, what are your favorite road snacks and/or eating establishments?
Favorite road snacks: pretzels and M&M’s. Red vines. Sour Patch Kids. And grape soda.
Best eating establishments? Uh, I’m all about hole-in-the-wall joints and regional cuisine. So I’d use my smartphone to find the best places to eat locally, and go there. I can get Olive Garden where I live, you know?
Problems sometimes happen and inquiring minds want to know:  Can you change a tire?
No. But I can make a phone call!
 Best road trip memory:
I once took a camping road trip to Yellowstone. It was awesome. The company was great, the ride was scenic, and the destination was spectacular. It was fun gabbing and getting caught up and just being out in nature – without my smartphone!
Worst road trip memory:
We were driving to Arizona from Utah, and in like, Page or something like that, we had to stop and get new tires. ALL NEW TIRES. So not an expense I was thinking of. That road trip was expensive, and we had to sit in this disgusting tire shop for like, 2 hours to get the freaking new tires.
Then, as the gift that keeps on giving, the next winter in Utah (which are no picnic), I slid off the road because of course they don’t sell snow (or even all-purpose!) tires in bloody Page, Arizona. So I got to replace my tires AGAIN.
Yeah, I sort of hate Page, Arizona. 
Roadtrip Gallery:

Thank you for stopping by Elana!  And I hope you never have to go to Page, Arizona ever again.
Want more from Elana Johnson?
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  1. I'm really looking forward to In Honor! I have to say, I like road trips more in theory than in actuality. I have one coming up soon to Nashville, TN (from Chicago area). The company will be great, but 9 hours each way in the car is just not my favorite way to spend a long weekend.I'll have to put together a new music mix :)

  2. I love Elana's road trip pictures!