Wednesday, April 11, 2012

On the Road with YA Authors, Featuring: Beth Revis

In less than a month, IN HONOR will be out in the world! It’s a story of a letter, a mistaken last request, and the road trip those things lead to. As a countdown to its release on May 8th, I’m hosting a Road Trip Interview Series featuring all of my favorite author friends! Stop by daily for dream cars, playlists, and tales from the road!

Today I am so happy to have with me fellow Bookanista and NYT Bestselling Author Beth Revis!  Beth is the author of the YA fantasy/science fiction novels Across the Universe and A Million Suns, both of which are must-reads!

Beth, thank you so much for stopping by!  Let's start with my favorite question.  All road trips begin with a set of wheels. Close your eyes. Imagine your ideal road-trippin’ vehicle. What do you see? Why?

A Jeep Wrangler--I need something that can go off-road, and a Wrangler's just a fun vehicle to drive.

Next up: travel companions. The right ones can make or break the whole thing. Who would you hit the road with? You can choose anyone—alive or dead, real or fictional. As many or few as you like.
The husband: he's my best friend, and the only person I can stand for extended periods of time.
The dog: he's my second best friend, and also warm and fuzzy.
Hermione Granger: (a) she's magical, (b) she's proven that she is quite good at camping, (c) she's magical 

It's true that road trips are about the journey, but what's your ideal destination?
I'd say that I'd like to start somewhere big--say, a major city such as NYC, London, Florence, Cairo, Tokyo. And then move out to the country, going further and further away from civilization. Starting in a big city means you get the chance to do the big famous stuff, and also get a feel for the way the country is (i.e. traditional foods, language, customs). Then moving further and further into the country means you get a feel for the way everyday people are. My goal in travel is to (a) SEE ALL THE THINGS, and then (b) be mistaken as a local.

Is your style more ‘map it out’ or ‘meandering route’?
It's not a roadtrip unless you get good and lost at least once. Maps are for wusses.

What 5 songs are absolutely necessary on your perfect road trip playlist?
Something by Jack Johnson
"Remedy" by Jason Mraz
Something by the Beatles
"Baby Girl" by Sugarland
"You and I" by Lady Gaga

We all know that food consumed while on the road never counts against you. That being said, what are your favorite road snacks and/or eating establishments?
Also: caffeine
Problems sometimes happen and inquiring minds want to know: Can you change a tire?
Er. Technically? I mean, I know *how*, I've just never done it. So, yeah. Maybe.

Best road trip memory:
Heh. There was that one time my friends and I slept in a car in a fancy neighborhood in Georgetown. We couldn't afford a hotel, and figured Georgetown would be a decently safe place to sleep in our car. The neighborhood didn't appreciate it, though.

Worst road trip memory:
When I went with a friend on a very long trip a few months after she had a baby. This was the first time she was more than a few hours away from the baby and she...didn't handle it well. It basically ruined the whole trip. Here we were in Europe, after saving up for nearly two years for the trip, and our primarily objective tended to be to find a phone so she could call home. I can still tell you where the best pay phones in Rome are.
I love it! Thank you so much for stopping by, Beth.  You can sleep in your car in my neighborhood any day!

Want to know more about Beth and her books?  Check her out on the web!