Sunday, April 29, 2012

Five Things For Monday!

I know that Five lists are usually reserved for Fridays, but there's so much going on I have to tell you today.  So without further adieu...

1.  IN HONOR comes out in 15 days, which means I am excited and nervous and everything in between!  I'm also gearing up to hit the road with Jenny Han and Morgan Matson for the Summer Lovin' tour, which will hit bookstores in CA from LA to San Fran. Shenanigans are sure to happen, so if we're near you, stop by! Full schedule here:

2.   Just in time for pre-launch madness, I've booked a writing retreat led by two of my YA heroes, Sarah Ockler and Heidi Kling, in Fairplay, CO from May 3rd to 6th!  I've never been on a writing retreat, but this one is YA centered and led by two of the most awesome writers around, so I'm super excited! Also, the inn where we're staying is rumored to be haunted--not sure where I stand on that except that I'm happy not to be bunking alone.  Promise I'll take pictures.

3. In honor of the release of IN HONOR, there's so much road trip goodness coming up on the blog!  You've already been treated to interviews with some of my favorite YA writers.  Stay tuned for road trip dishing by Jenny Han, Morgan Matson, the lone guy of the crew (who also happens to be the Printz winner, Corey Whaley), and many more!

4.  With the return of the lifeguard towers on the beach and the sunshine on Saturday, this weekend felt THISCLOSE to summer.  And these people, who were getting married on the beach in Crystal Cove gambled and won as far as SoCal weather goes!  I couldn't help but ogle and ooh and ahh at this adorable beach wedding.  Pink board shorts?  Love.

5.  And lastly, today, April 30th, marks the last day to enter the IN HONOR Book Club In A Bag giveaway, in which one book club will receive 10 finished copies of the book and TONS of extras, including an author visit!  Details here:

Not a bad way to start off the week.  Hope you all have a happy Monday!



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