Tuesday, April 10, 2012

On the Road with YA Authors: Featuring Nikki Katz

On the Road with YA Authors

In less than a month, IN HONOR will be out in the world!  It’s a story of a letter, a mistaken last request, and the road trip those things lead to.  As a countdown to its release on May 8th, I’m hosting a Road Trip Interview Series featuring all of my favorite author friends!  Stop by daily for dream cars, playlists, and tales from the road!

Today I'm happy to welcome Nikki Katz!  Nikki wears many hats, a few of them being Author, Social Media Consultant, Editor, Mom, Freelance Writer, Blogger, Reviewer,
Rocket Scientist, Reality TV Addict, Avid Book Reader, and Social Media Nut
... Not necessarily in that order :)

She's also a fellow Bookanista!  You can check out her blog here, or find her on Twitter or Facebook!

So Nikki, thank you so much for stopping by to dish about road trips!

I'm going to preface these answers by saying that I never really took a road trip when I was younger. There were a couple "drives to California for vacation" from where I lived in Tucson, but never a trip that was the vacation in itself. Road trips to me now involve tons of snacks and entertainment for the kids, so these answers are all based in the realm of me being a teenager. Because that's the kind of road trip I'd prefer to take :) 

Got it.  That being said, all road trips begin with a set of wheels. Close your eyes. Imagine your ideal road-trippin’ vehicle. What do you see? Why?

Red convertible Mustang. Top down all the way.

Next up: travel companions. The right ones can make or break the whole thing. Who would you hit the road with? You can choose anyone—alive or dead, real or fictional. As many or few as you like.

I'd have to go back in time and take a group of my girl friends.

It's true that road trips are about the journey, but what's your ideal destination?

Up the coast to San Francisco.

Is your style more ‘map it out’ or ‘meandering route’?

In a normal situation I'd want to map it out, but in this trip, definitely just take it as it goes!

What 5 songs are absolutely necessary on your perfect road trip playlist?

Here's my 90s Road Trip playlist (need Spotify to see though!)

We all know that food consumed while on the road never counts against you. That being said, what are your favorite road snacks and/or eating establishments?

Sour Patch Kids and Diet Coke.

Problems sometimes happen and inquiring minds want to know: Can you change a tire?

No, but I'd still try!

Best road trip memory:

The best trip in a car has actually always been by myself. I love belting out songs (in my absolutely horrid singing voice) and letting my mind wander.

Worst road trip memory:

The worst trip in a car would probably have to have been when I was much younger and traveling with my parents. Not a whole lot to do back in the age before handheld gaming devices. I did read a lot, but car sickness was an evil side-effect.

Ick. Car sickness is not allowed in my car.  HOWEVER--awesome 90's playlists, sour patch kids, and diet coke are, so...shall we head up to San Fran???


  1. I'm all about playlists and Sour Patch Kids. Looking forward to reading your new book, Jessi! I just started working on a road trip novel too.

  2. YES to sour patch kids and diet coke...but I can't handle the top down. I have a weird phobia about air blowing on me. :-)

  3. Thanks for having me Jessi!!

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