Monday, April 4, 2011

Moonglass Inspiration Giveaway 2: Sea Glass

In case you weren't around last week, I'm hosting a giveaway series to count down to the release of Moonglass on May 3rd!  Each week, I'll post on a different inspiration behind Moonglass, and each week you'll have a chance to win a corresponding prize. 

This week's inspiration:  Sea Glass

A few years back, I had a vague notion of what sea glass was.  I knew they sold bags of it in Pottery Barn and Pier 1, and that it looked pretty in jars.  I like the shades of blues and greens and the frosty whites. I might have even bought some to put in a vase.

I had no idea I could find real sea glass on the beach steps from my door.  Or that once I started looking and actually finding it, I'd be so drawn to these little treasures I'd walk that beach for hours, sometimes alone, sometimes with my kids, eyes scanning the sand in search of the next glimmer.  In those hours we've found some beautiful pieces:

In those hours I also fell in love with the idea that every bit of smoothed glass is a little piece of history long forgotten.  The marbles and stoppers, ordinary bottles and bits of art glass that wash up in every brilliant shade of the rainbow, all of them have tumbled over the sand beneath the waves for years, being smoothed over into something new and different and beautiful. The glass and this idea of what lies beneath it's smoothed surface wove themselves perfectly into the story of Moonglass. 

In Moonglass, Anna's fondest memories are of walking the beach with her mother in search of sea glass.   The word 'moonglass' comes from one of those memories in particular, but I won't ruin the surprise.

What I will do, though, is let you in on the giveaway for this week:

This week I'm giving away a set of 20 gorgeous sea glass notecards (in four different designs), and a sea glass suncatcher handmade by yours truly. In an effort to do something with all of the glass I pick up, I started making these and even selling them in the Cove store.  Now though, I can't seem to find the time, so we'll be extra fancy and call it a limited edition sea glass sun catcher.  The cool thing is, I found all of the glass in this piece at Crystal Cove, so you'll be getting a little bit of the Cove too!

So. You know you wanna enter...

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Leave your entry total in your comment.  I'm willing to work on the honor system if you are.  :)  Contest will be open until noon on Friday, and I will announce the winner on Saturday.

Happy Monday!!


  1. That sea glass sun-catcher is beautiful. When I lived in the Caribbean I don't remember ever find sea glass. Maybe I would of if I looked.

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  2. Whoops, I meant "finding". Sometimes I type too fast :-)

  3. Awesome! Can't wait to read the book!!

  4. Really pretty :)
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  6. I loved your book Jessi! :)

  7. There's actually a reference to sea glass in my book that's about to be released next month, MILLENNIAL FEARS. In it, one of the two main characters wears a necklace her boyfriend made for her of the sea glass they found together at Windansea in La Jolla. Seaglass really is magical.

  8. OOOh, so pretty. Can't wait to read your book.
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  9. I would love to win this beautiful prize package and I have definitely got this upcoming book in my Amazon cart! Glad to have found you tonight via a tweet I saw. Will be back!

  10. Cant wait to read it!!

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  11. Thanks for the giveaway!!!
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  12. Your book sounds as irresistible as the sea glass itself. The sun catcher is beautiful I would love to hang it in the office window above my desk. I am sure it will inspire lots of writing.

    I am now following you as well.
    Pamela Jo

  13. Wow you guys! Thank you for the sea glass love. You make me smile!

  14. This post makes me want to look for seaglass right now. I live nowhere near the ocean. :(

  15. Thanks!


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    Can't wait till Moonglass is released!

  16. You know, I have never seen straight-off-the-beach sea glass. And that is sad. I just did a little sea glass research and have decided that the next time I'm at the beach, I will be searching.

    Thanks for this awesome 'limited edition' giveaway :)

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  17. sea glass are so pretty. and i'm so excited to read moonglass. thank you for this giveaway.

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