Monday, April 11, 2011

This Week's Moonglass Inspiration and Giveaway: Lifeguards

Got your attention with that one, right?  You're thinking it's about time you had your own lifeguard.  You know the image--red trunks, perfect tan, capable arms....

Something like this:

  I totally wish I could give you these guys, but I can't.  They're too busy watching the water. 

What I can do, though, is let you in on how lifeguards and the whole lifestyle surrounding the profession was an inspiration for Moonglass.  Then give you a prize.  Good, right? 

Okay, here we go--

Once upon a college summer, I worked in a sandwich shop, made minimum wage, and came home every day smelling like mustard and onions.  My boyfriend at the time (now husband of 10 yrs!!), worked on the beach, made twice as much as I did, and came home smelling like sunscreen and summer.

Clearly, his job was cooler than mine.

So the next spring I donned a wetsuit and three swimcaps and plunged into the 48 degree water of Pismo Beach for the lifeguard tryout swim.  Miraculously, I didn't die of hypothermia.  I made the swim, passed the academy, and spent my remaining college summers in a lifeguard tower, smelling like sunscreen and watching the water.  Always watching the water.

Those summers I was part of a crew of some of the most fantastic,fun-loving people I've ever known.  We spent our work hours in our towers watching the water and keeping the beach safe, but it didn't end there.  We were a tight-knit group who also met for early morning surf sessions, sat around bonfires, pulled pranks, jumped off rocks, and generally lived it up.

The personalities of these friends and memories from those years found their way into Moonglass as the fun, lighter side of Anna's story.  I loved writing those scenes and characters because they brought me right back to the free-wheeling summers of my own past.

I want you all to have a little piece of that, so here's what I'm giving away this week:

A Lifeguard Prize Pack, including Crystal Cove Lifeguard T-Shirt and car magnet so you can instantly transform yourself and car, a pair of sweet aviators, the best smelling sunscreen in the world, and a tube of Burt's Bee's Sun Protecting Lip Balm, in passionfruit.  

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Happy Monday, and remember: Swim near a lifeguard!  :)



  1. Ahhh, growing up I used to be so envious of the lifeguards at our public pool. They were so king of the castle to me. Always tan and smelling good. Their smiles were always this glaring white up against their tan skin. I wanted to be one sooooo bad. What an awesome job. And to top it all off, you lived in a beach area. *sigh* I want to go back in time and do it all over again!!

    OR, I could just read MOONGLASS. Can't wait!

  2. Can't wait to read Moonglass! =)

  3. lifeguard are so awesome, they all muscular and tan

  4. Wow! I would have loved to spend my college summers like that.

    +2 (that's a zero)

  5. Loving the pic of you lifeguarding, makes me want to run to a beach right away (but it's hardly beach weather here in the UK).

    +2 for me. (I have friends in US if this is not an international contest)

    Is it May yet??

  6. My daughter is a life guard, so count me in.


    +1 I follow this blog
    +1 tweeted: Win a Crystal Cove Life Guard pack at through Word by Word.


  7. Oh, nice giveaway.

    you can reach me at

  8. I remember back in high school - we used to ask lifeguards for a band aid just so we could talk to them!
    Susie +2

  9. Nice on! Thanks :)

    GFC follower - Chloe B


  10. The more I read your blog the more I want to read your book.

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