Monday, June 18, 2012

In Town for ALA? Don't Miss Crystal Cove, the Real-Life Setting of MOONGLASS!

I am BEYOND excited that ALA is coming to Orange County this year!  Anaheim is, for all intents and purposes, right in my backyard, so the fact that so many amazing authors will be there is seriously giddy-making for me.  And all of the librarians and book lovers who will be attending? Even more exciting!

I feel a definite pride in welcoming you all to Southern California, and as a local, want to share the place I am most proud of.  Crystal Cove is not only one of the best kept secrets around here, it is also the place that inspired my debut novel, MOONGLASS, and a must on your list of things to see while in SoCal.  Not only can you check out the real-life setting of the story, but you can grab a shake at the legendary Shake Shack, comb the beach for sea glass, and watch the most beautiful sunset you've ever seen.

And, if you're a fan of the book, you can get a firsthand peek at the real-life place!

One of the most special things for me about writing MOONGLASS was being able to set in a real place, and one that I love at that. It's actually a State Park, and if you haven't come for a visit yet, you must. It's a place made of magic. Really. There is something so poignantly beautiful about Crystal Cove that I can’t define it in any other way. I grew up in the mountains, but I love this place like I’ve been here my whole life. Being here is like falling through a crack in history and going back in time to a place that captures the beauty of simplicity. From the crash of waves over the rocks to the tumbling-down cottages and serene sunsets, this place inspired MOONGLASS in every sense of the word. Below are a few pictures I snapped while I was writing it.  I dare you to look and not want to come for a visit.

The "Beaches Cottage," where the movie was filmed.  Also the inspiration for Anna's mother's cottage.
The iconic sign in front of the artist's studio.
One of the tumbling down cottages and the boat that inspired the Crystal Crawler's story.

 The tidepools where Anna and Tyler meet...
Sunset at the Cove. My favorite time of day!

Sea glass found on one of my many beach "runs".

There are so many AMAZING events going on at ALA this year, and I know many people won't have a chance to slip off to the beach, but if you do, you know where you should go.  In the meantime, if you'd like to know more about Crystal Cove, you can visit

Hope to see you all at ALA!!!


  1. I'm not going to ALA but I enjoyed seeing the pics from Moonglass!

  2. Yay Orange County.

    But how did I have NO IDEA that Beaches was filmed at one of the cottages?! I've seen that movie a trillion times. This makes me so happy.

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